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The TweetIgnite iPhone App provides you with a great way of keeping up to date with your favorite things on Twitter! Keep track of your top twitter hashtags, followers, lists, or searches in a multiple timeline view. It's ideal for providing instant access to the things that matter to you, whether it's the local news, your bands & celebrities, your team or simply your favorite funny hashtags. You can keep them all at your fingertips!

  • Your favorite hashtags, followers, lists or searches in a multiple timeline view
  • Advanced Twitter search tool for hashtags, tweets, people and interests including location and link only filtering
  • Create and edit your Twitter lists on the move!
  • Spotify App users can discover new music playlists and launch them directly
TweetIgnite works with iPhone® & iPod touch®. Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Fully optimized for all iPhone screen sizes.

Multiple Timelines

Twitter Multiple Timelines Enlarge

"Simply swipe between timelines to access your favorite hashtags, lists, people and search streams!"

Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter Advanced Search Enlarge

"A powerful twitter search tool with location and link only filtering!"

"Twitter search people, hashtags, tweets and interests!"

Twitter List Manager

Twitter List Manager Enlarge

"The fully integrated Twitter list manager lets you create, manage and view your lists on the go!"

Great way to get real time updates on all your favorite things!

Add hashtags for your favorite TV shows and join the showtime chatter!

Add your best friends to a twitter list and put it in your shortcuts to keep up with all the latest news!

Add your favorite team to your shortcuts to have all the latest action at your fingertips!

Discover new music playlists by adding a Spotify link only search to your shortcuts.

Whats happening around you? Add news with a location filter of 15 miles to your shortcuts.

Track events by adding a hashtag to your shortcuts! Great for gigs and conferences!

Powerful search tool for interests, people and tweets including location and link only filtering.

I already have a Twitter client why do I need TweetIgnite?

TweetIgnite has been designed to give you one click access to the things that you really care about. Whether it's a hashtag for your favorite TV show, the latest news, your favorite bands and celebrities, their tweets are always at your fingertips.

So if you sometimes find your home timeline a little overwhelming because of the number of people you follow, TweetIgnite can really help you break out your favorite things into separate streams.

How do I find things that interest me?

TweetIgnite supports a Twitter advanced search tool that lets you search tweets and discover people around your favorite topics. Tweets can also be filtered by location and restricted to those containing only links.

What about regular Twitter things like home timeline, mentions and direct messages, can I check these too?

Yes, these can all be viewed on your shortcuts screen too! You can even add multiple Twitter accounts!

Is it hard to get started?

No, if you don't have a twitter account grab one here then download and launch TweetIgnite on your iPhone or iPod touch, and a setup helper will let you add your account and some of your favorite things!

Get more out of Twitter - Download TweetIgnite today!

TweetIgnite V3.0 is here!

I am delighted to announce that TweetIgnite V3.0 is now available on the App store! This new version is a significant update with an all new look and feel. I'm pleased to offer this as free update to existing customers, and at a greatly reduced price for new customers for a limited time only, so go grab one today!

If you enjoy using TweetIgnite please give us a review on the AppStore, and tell your friends as it really does help us get the word out.

I hope you enjoy the update!

Thanks, Clive

10th April 2014

How do I manage my Twitter Lists on my iPhone?

Twitter lists are a great way to create real time content streams on topics that you really care about. This makes them a great tool for a whole range of things including:

  • News
  • your favorite bands or celebrities
  • players in your favorite team
  • following all the action at summer music festivals
  • delegates at a conference
  • astronauts in space!
  • your best friends
  • Twitter recently increased the number of lists that everyone can create from 20 to up to 1000, with each list containing up to 5000 users, so whether you have been using Twitter lists for a while or have never made a list before, now is a great time to split your timeline into your favorite topics using Twitter lists.

    Twitter lists have always been central to what we have hoped to achieve with TweetIgnite, and full list support has always been built right in. You can create new lists (public/private), delete lists, add/ remove users from lists, follow/unfollow other peoples lists, share them with other people and even view them in a convenient multi-column view.

    Download now to get started with Twitter lists today.

    TweetIgnite V2.0

    We are delighted to announce that TweetIgnite V2.0 is now available on the App store!

    This update introduces some important user interface changes designed to meet Twitter's updated tweet display requirements.

    Unfortunately, we are also withdrawing our Ad supported free version, as twitter's revised token limits no longer make this a viable business option at this time. However, the good news is that we are offering TweetIgnite V2.0 at a greatly reduced price of $0.99/69p/0.89Euro for a limited time. So go grab it today!

    11th June 2013

    TweetIgnite V1.2

    We are pleased to announce that TweetIgnite V1.2 is now available on the App store.

    This release supports v1.1 of the Twitter API, so please upgrade before the 11th June 2013 to enjoy an uninterrupted service. Following the 11th June 2013, Twitter is retiring v1.0 of it's API used by older versions of TweetIgnite. These will no longer work so be sure to upgrade!

    TweetIgnite V1.2 also has some significant interface improvements with Search now in it's own tab to make it easier to find! Also included are native iPhone 5 screen support, shortcuts keys for # and @, improved hashtag search, improved list support and the renaming of TweetIgnite favorites to shortcuts to avoid confusion with twitter's native favorites.

    We have also upgraded the setup wizard to make it easier to add your own twitter lists or those that you follow!

    We hope you enjoy this update while development continues on TweetIgnite v2.0 which we hope to release shortly!

    30th May 2013

    Easter Sale

    Over the Easter period TweetIgnite will be available for the great sale price of only USD 0.99/ GBP 0.69 /EUR 0.79. Happy Easter!

    7th April 2012

    TweetIgnite featured in's Spotify's 47 Apps article

    We are very pleased to learn that TweetIgnite has been featured in HypeBot's recent review of iOS Apps for Spotify. Check us out in the Songs With Friends section.

    7th April 2012

    TweetIgnite V1.1.1

    We are pleased to announce that v1.1.1 of TweetIgnite is now available on the App Store.

    This release addresses changes to Twitter's Trend API, and eliminates a number of issues that arose when running TweetIgnite on iOS 5.0.

    Existing customers can grab the free update on the App Store now!

    30th November 2011

    RIP Steve Jobs

    RIP Steve you have inspired us all! Our thoughts are with your family and friends.

    5th October 2011

    TweetIgnite V1.1

    We are pleased to announce that v1.1 of TweetIgnite is now available on the App Store.

    This release includes some great new features including pull to refresh tweets, email link sharing, pull down to favorite a tweet on twitter, a new interest directory and country specific trends.

    Existing customers can grab the free update on the App Store now!

    App Screenshots

    TweetIgnite v3.0.1

    Released on 10th April 2014
    • iOS 7 support
    • Added 'My Tweets' shortcut
    • Simplified setup helper screen
    • Top tweets identified in timelines
    • Improved user profiles
    • Only need to set local trends preferences once
    • Bug Fixes.

    TweetIgnite v2.0

    Released on 11th June 2013
    • User Interface updates to meet tweet display requirements
    • Retweets include retweet logo
    • Full name and username shown on tweets
    • Date format changed to meet twitter requirements
    • Tweet actions displayed in tweet detail view
    • Bug Fixes.

    TweetIgnite v1.2

    Released on 30th May 2013
    • Twitter API migrated to v.1.1.
    • Native iPhone 5 screen support.
    • TweetIgnite Favorites renamed to Shortcuts (to avoid confusion with native Twitter Favorites).
    • Search now in its own tab bar.
    • Search interface updated to easily add a hashtag.
    • Improvements to post tweet interface.
    • Setup wizard now allows options to add your twitter lists or lists that you follow.
    • Bug Fixes.

    TweetIgnite v1.1.1

    Released on 30th November 2011
    • Updated Trend API calls to support Twitter API changes.
    • Fixed: Issue with main activity indicator size reduction in iOS5.
    • Fixed: Issue with tap to hide navigation bars while viewing a profile picture in iOS5.
    • Fixed: Location based search issues in iOS5.

    TweetIgnite v1.1

    Released on 8th September 2011
    • Added pull to refresh tweets.
    • Added email link sharing.
    • Added Trends By Country.
    • Added pull down to favorite a tweet on Twitter.
    • List search replaced with search by interest directory.

    TweetIgnite v1.0.3

    Released on 22nd May 2011
    • Fixed: Issues introduced with Twitter's new OAuth screens.
    • Fixed: Issues with iTunes link handling.
    • Fixed: Resume from sleep crash.

    TweetIgnite v1.0.2

    Released on 13th March 2011
    • Fixed: Issue with list searches.

    TweetIgnite v1.0.1

    Released on 3rd March 2011
    • Initial release.

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